Looking for a ranged build with lots of procs


I’ve been playing Grim Dawn for a few dozen hours, playing a pet conjurer. It’s very strong, doing very well and I’m loving the game. I’ve found a lot of items with procs and this got me interested in playing a build that utilises a lot of procs.

The idea is ranged build that spams a single attack, which then procs a lot of other stuff. Does anything like that exist?

Thanks in advance!

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If you want visual spam with your shooting, either firestrike or primal strike are the go to. If you want actual procs, I’d say go elemental damage with seru+sage devotions. It won’t perform quite as well as say the warlord above, but it’ll look pretty

Welcome to the game! A fun build I played recently (and still play occasionally, it’s that fun) is a ranged Savagery Vindicator (Shaman + Inquisitor) focusing on the Storm Spread proc.