Looking for a replacement wired gaming headset for my PC

Was wondering if folks have any suggestions. I have a pair of Sennheiser that my brother sent me about 10 years ago. The pads are pretty warn out, and the material is shredding some as well.

I don’t want to go crazy - looking in the $15-$40 range - just something I can game with (headphones are used for gaming, rather than speakers) and use for Discord, etc.

Curious what you guys are using, and if have any recommendations of what to avoid, and what you’ve had good luck with.

Sennheiser are pretty much the best you can get sound quality wise, and if I had money to burn I’d have a pair and the sound card to support them. Though you could probably get replacement ear pads for your current pair, since they’re usually just glued on. Otherwise for the lower cost model, US$50 should see you fine, though you might need a clip on mic for it.

As for my own set - currently using the venerable SteelSeries SiberaV2 USB, which has very decent sound quality (inbuilt USB sound card is actually damn good) and are stupidly comfortable. To the point where I can have them glued to my ears all day and suffer nothing for it, aside from further destroying my hearing, although they don’t stay on well if a bout of headbanging strikes. The only problem - they’re not produced any more and cost over US$100, or about NZ$180 for me when I brought them. Worth it though, better sound quality than my more expensive mini-system. Even with pegs holding wires together on the hack job I did to fix them.

More generally though - you really do need to check reviews, as all to often the expensive ones can be a bit crap, either uncomfortable, sound quality issues or over priced for what they offer. Or worse yet, annoyingly prone to breaking.

Brands wise - Sennheiser are always a sure shot, SteelSeries are damn fine and Logitech are usually decent as are Turtle Beach. Can’t recall much about other brands other than they didn’t register that much when checking reviews or were actively sh*t.

You may have the possibility to only replace the pads.
They are replacable for most Sennheiser headsets.
And it will cost quite less to replace the pads than the headset. :wink:

using sennheiser hd600, I replace the pads due to the headphones wont ever be replaced as they are so good :smiley:

Still using the cans in this thread, still love them to death.


I too will opt for/suggest anything Sennheiser. I absolutely love my GSP 300 headset, although it is a bit out of your price range at $100 USD :undecided:

As The_Mess said, Sennheiser, SteelSeries, Logitech, Turtle Beach are all really good brands. I have also had good experiences with Sony, albeit they were uncomfortable to me.

perhaps I’ll look into replacing the pads first and foremost. that way I can save up some cash for a DXRacer chair instead :wink:

Thanks for all the input guys!

I’m using steelseries siberia 150; they have an integrated mic (not a boom mic) in the left can that can be muted, are inexpensive, and I can wear them for extended gaming sessions comfortably.

Generally I prefer Sennheiser (3 pair over 10+ years, $200-400 per set) but they are not what they used to be when I started using them a decade ago and they’re very expensive.

It took me I’d say about 4 years of extensive research and testing to settle on this set and though they are not superior in any area, they are sufficient in every aspect and have one thing that no expensive set I’ve ever owned ($50-$500 price range): the cover on the padding is more or less indestructible with reasonable care. Every expensive Sony, Sennheiser, Panasonic and others I’ve owned have very soft covers on the pads that disintegrate when exposed to my quite stiff, abrasive whiskers. The Steelseries pad covers have yet to show the slightest sign of beard/sideburn wear.

Depends on the model of your Sennheiser. You won’t find a lot of good options in your price range, especially if you want a headset with microphone. If the existing ones are good enough for you then buying pads is the best option.

All I need to do is figure out what model they are :smiley:

OP asked $15-40, not 10 times that amount…

Corsair Void is a great one they have a wired version