Looking for a Shield and Axe build?

Can someone recommend a build or skill set for a shield and axe build pls been looking can’t seem to find any?

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You can do Octavius warlord with Mythical Earthsplitter

I only have AoM not sure if I have oathkeeper or is there and alternative?

Witchblade or Death Knight.

You can use illusions you know?

I guess Krieg Death knight with Cadence and this axe could work too Edge of Sanity
Or a bleed Warder/Blademaster with Mythical Butcher of Burrwitch

hmmm i need mor details , what type of damage you want ? you want tanky one or full dps?

and why not use an illusion for the weapon so it looks like axe?

I need or want a tanky build with some decent damage. I have a lvl 20 dw pistol purifier but I am having trouble with arkovian hills taking too much damage don’t know why maybe thats the question I should be asking what should I do to make my pistol guy take less damage?

level 20

Usually when people are asking about builds, we assume that one is looking for a level 100 char with basically unlimited gear :stuck_out_tongue:

If take too much damage, consider getting resistances and some life steal.

Have a look at this :slight_smile: [] Budget Lightning DW Ranged Purifier read also the build diary that x1x1x1x2 did, it is linked in the beginning of that thread

Ok since I am new to the game but have played POE for a while have a lvl 84 fb duelist and other 60 to 70 ish duelists builds I like these types of games but I have mainly been a melee I liked the idea of guns in an arpg so i thought I would give it a try. now Im thinking something a bit easier to play as a beginner survival build so I don’t get discouraged. I know it’s just a game but I HATE to die. With all that said what is the best class going for damage and defense more defense kind of paladin type build with just AoM I also may be getting the other expansions next month. Thanks.

Okay I looked though some of the stuff and I will stick with my DW Ranged purifier going to do the Lightning ranged purifier decided that is best route to go for now will push inquisitor till I get mastery to 50 but not sure where to spend the extra point going 2:1.

Just try to mimic x1x1x1x2 diary as close as you can

Lmao he’s gonna be disappointed not being able to find a gun for the build till 90 :rofl: