Looking for a solid build

would like something that is noob friendly and also can complete all content!

Must be more precise if you wanna look at less than 90% of the builds here.

Well, to be honest most builds in here aren’t noob friendly since they’re endgame only ones with no info on levelling, etc.

Best thing is to have a look at those builds to see what you like then see if there’s a beginner build for that class in here in the Builds for Beginners section. You can always respec later when you have the right level/gear for the endgame one.

https://www.requnix.com/gaming/grim-dawn-builds/sir-bloodydots-vitality-bleed-conjurer is this something thats out of date?

I would not recommend playing this guy’s builds.


No, best avoided to be honest. There are some beginner builds in the Build Compendium X if you have a look there.


I don’t recommend his guides.

For Conjurer you can try my beginners vitality caster. It’s easy to level and end game version can do all content, when you can farm the optimal gear.

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Was actually just going to ask about this build thanks! I will be following the guide! anything important to know? mods ect?