Looking for a Starter Friendly HC Viable build

Hello, I only have around 115 hours in grim dawn. I have stumbled through the game and ruined my first two characters. I started the 3rd character about a week ago ( 2h Bleed warder) he is doing well but I wanted to start another character that will help me farm endgame items and not require a lot of gear to make great. Without the Bloodrager set my 2h warder won’t be that dependable to help me farm the items I need for him on a higher difficulty.

I have to recommend these 2, great builds and the best build guides ive come across;

Immortal Army by @Contragor

Vitality Caster Conjurer by @Nery


You can also do advanced search for quite a few beginner guides using the tag: https://forums.crateentertainment.com/search?q=tags%3Abeginner-guide

Keep it to recent patches if you want an up-to-date guide.

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You can spec your warder into Primal Strike which doesn’t require much gear to be good, and with Wendigo totem and Warder’s innate high hp plus damage reduction from War Cry makes it a reasonable first build for HC.