Looking for a transparent map overlay

Are there any addons such as this? I am a new player and have to open the map every few seconds to make sure I am fully exploring the map. It would be nice if there was some kind of transparent overlay. If theres not, is there any way to alter the minimap? Maybe make it bigger? I am on a 4k TV so its pretty much useless.

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I don’t know of any mod that does this and it’s not something the devs wanted to include in the game.

The mini-map can be made a bit larger by clicking on the right triangle on the UI bar, but whether that would be big enough for you I don’t know.

Yeah, I saw the dev decision. I thought someone would have modded it in though. My entire UI is just entirely too small. Even after adjusting the config :frowning:

thanks for the response though

Did you adjust it according to the advice in this thread (2nd reply in the thread)?

And actually I am a little surprised that noone has modded it in yet somehow. Maybe it isn’t possible for a modder to do? Dunno.

As far as I know, UI elements like that and the loot filter are hardcoded into the engine and wouldn’t be moddable with the existing mod tools. You could probably do it, but you’d need a Grim Internals-esque hardmod and those aren’t exactly the easiest thing to do.