Looking for a Vital/Chaos Melee Build

Hello there. I’ve been looking for a Chaos or Vital melee build for a while and haven’t seen one, so I’m wondering if anyone on the forum has given it a try, and if so, whether it’s decent or not? I’m asking because lately my stash has just been swarmed by one handed chaos and/or vital swords, axes and daggers, that seem to scream for a DW build to use them. However, because I can’t find any builds for this style, I’m guessing there’s probably a problem with stacking that kind of damage in the endgame that I haven’t foreseen yet.

I’m guessing witchblade or witch hunter would probably be my go to spec. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated, cheers.

I miss a Vit/Chaos melee Class. I hope there will be something like this with the next class. Ingame there is only one component that gives a 3.5 sec cd blink strike skill. I dont think this is enough to make a build about.

WH (offense)/WB (defense) are your best option here.

1-Keep in mind that vitality and chaos are pretty much the worst damage types in some of the end-game farming areas (BoC mostly), so you have to compensate by reducing enemies’resistances way more. And while you have a built-in skill that does this for the vitality damage type, chaos can be a bit more difficult to debuff.

2-The redeeming point of using vitality as the main damage type is that you get a shitload of adcth from items and devotions, and since the enemy resist are now much more “breakables”, this mechanic has at least become, more or less, a reliable way to increment your survivability. Acid spray can be useful here to increment your life-leech (and damge ofc) by a big margin.

3-There are numerous items that are obviously designed with such builds in mind (like the Fang of Ch’ton), or items that should have had other uses, but that are useful to you as well (Harbinger of the eternal suffering, hood and gloves).

The good point is that you can do as you please. DW, 1h+shield and 2handed builds, and you can even mix some retaliation to your melee attacks (only if you chose WB obviously) using items like the Dread armor of Azragor and S’Decimation, and Tip the Scale from the Ulcanna constellation.

IF you want more specif info/ideas, you have also to be more specific about how you like to play.

I’ve actually got a pretty decent chaos/vit/Fire melee pyromancer I can post if you’re interested

Snazzblaster, I would be interested in that build! I’m sure there are others who might want to take a peek as well. Thanks.

ETK, specifically, I am only looking for a DW build. Which combination of classes doesn’t really matter for me, as long as it has some tankiness. It doesn’t have to be never move out of any aoe and just facetank endgame bosses level of tankiness, just enough so I can afford to take a little bit of punishment and not spam pots just to survive every fight.

Go WH. I have just played mine to be sure, and the “tankiness” is guaranteed (killed Fabius, Ben’Jarr and Log without moving/drinking), albeit the kill speed is not the best out there (es more or less 30 sec to kill Fabius).

Agree with ETK

I would stay far and away from chaos/vit melee unless it is specifically dual wield NB+occ

I’ll post my build in a bit, but my pyromancer can also facetank every nemesis in the game without moving or kiting as well. Witch Hunter/Witchblade be damned.

Granted I’ll admit it’s not as effective as a Witchblade would be (especially with the recent cadence buffs), but it’s still great fun and clears all content

Here’s the equipment page:

Sigil of consumption, firestrike, doom bolt are my attacking skills. Max Flame Touched, Solael’s Flame, and Possession for more dps. max vindictive flame and aspect of the guardian for survivability. CoF, transmuted BWC, and value point in flashbang for utility.

I wanted a build that was odd but workable and based around the Kilrian’s Shattered Soul component, and this brainchild was born. Try whatever you want and make it work in ultimate; let the world of Grim Dawn be your oyster :cool:

If you’re looking for dual wield pyromancer could still work, you’d just obviously need an item to grant you the ability to dual wield. You won’t have any attack replacers naturally, but other procs and skills will do the AoE work for you. You’ll need a lot of hp items and max sigil for survivability. If you’re looking to pave your own way that’s the path I’d take, although it will be a challenge :wink:

there is a viable build in the Compendium for 2-Handed chaos melee “The Chaos Tank” and uses the witchblade combo. posted by Imp. i use it and very happy with it - quite fun.


It works nicely honestly, there is no issue in Ultimate with this type of build.

I think people in general don’t care much about posting their builds, which is why there is no post for it on this forum.

All reduce resistance(e.g. Acid spray) does not reduce life-leech resistance.
If you want to reduce life-leech resistance, use Haunt.

All the big guys in this forum say otherwise, and I have even asked this numerous times. Also, while testing this is pretty difficult, with Acid Spray all my builds SEEMS to leech a bit more…

Please, can you elaborate your statement and tell me where you have grabbed this info, because if you can prove a definitive answer to this question, you are welcome to do so.

Please note that I’m refering to Adcth here, not Life-leech…

I sent this question to Zantai via private message.
Is “all reduce resistance” applied to “life leech” and “attack damage converted to health”?
e.g. Agonizing Flames, Acid Spray

His answer was “Life Leech Resistance is not reduced by that stat”.

I think the only way to reduce life-leech resistance is Haunt(relic skill).

Witchhunter using Haunt vs Fabius (5:00)
PB spellbreaker using Haunt vs Fabius (11:20)

This very, very odd. Just tested (as the best as I can atm), and Acid spray help my adcth (even taking into account the increased damage from the other lowered resist).

I know you have asked a developer (!!!), but the evidence here is telling me otherwise.

So, or Zentai’s confused (can happen), or my game is corrupted (even this can happen).

At this point the only thing to do is:

1- Asking someone who mod this game and know the entries in the database to help with this.
2- Looking into that damn database myself.:cry::cry::cry:

Any news on this? :smiley:
Would be very important for my buildthoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doing a 2H Cadence Chaos Witchblade with Obsidian Juggernaut. I do have a question about Devil’s Cage armor proc, does it works on Nemeses? I’m asking this because it seems to be a trapping ability and those don’t work on Nemeses.

It does not, the prison will just instantly explode and I’m not even sure you get the resist debuff on them. :mad:

Crap, forgot about that in my post. That is actually the thing i want to know and don’t know why i didn’t put it in my post. Like, if the enemy still gets the debuff even if they are resistant to the trapping.