Looking for advice / fine-tuning: Elemental Trap Purifier

I am looking for some critique on my current favourite build, a Purifier who lays traps and procs damaging devotions. Surprisingly tanky.

Ignore the gear, I know it is rubbish, I am more interested in hearing where I may have made stupid decisions with the actual build. Many thanks.

you want/need thermite mines
null field is kinda a trap modifier, losing speed aint worth the projectile deflect which in itself isn’t as good as it may sound
might want to give consideration to “how you plan on staying alive”, when healing potion is on 12sec cooldown
going to the trouble of taking Seru, and then not taking the proc, seems kinda like a waste imo

I have nothing to proc that Devotion reliably: only Word of Pain is a contender and it is in use already. I rarely cast Stormfire. And Thermite Mines (which I had in the build until recently) seem extremely unreliable at proccing devotions. Plus I thought her devotion ability was a bit crappy anyway. I am thinking of dropping her completely and going for Magi (and Fissure) instead. But I do want the build to remain tri-Element, as I already have a bunch of Fire-only chars.

Thermite Mines is an interesting one. I used to use it (just for RR really) but felt I didn’t need it. I perceived no difference whatsoever after removing it from the build, and here we are. What would I give up for it?

Agree on Null Field, removing that.

How I plan to stay alive is a good question. At present Inquisitor’s Seal is doing the heavy lifting via Damage Absorption, and the character is also extremely mobile because he is mostly just laying runes or mortars, and casting Word of Pain now and again. The fact is this char dies very very rarely and seems very tanky. I didn’t expect that and of course I’ve not really gone near SR yet with it (it’s a brand new build for me).

Rune of Hag seem like an easy contender, it’s unmodified, unconverted, and not stacked that high

as for proccing Seru, should you decide to keep it, you could just plop WoP on Seru and use Stormfire more often,
or alternatively get a few points into BWC, that way you have something which ligns up perfectly proc rate wise
WoP ticks at 1sec intervals, so Sage 1.2sec cd wastes a little there, but WoP fits perfectly on Seru cd. Meanwhile BWC ticks at 1.2 sec intervals, so matches Sage cd
but that’s just me anyway

edit, nvm seems like something change about BWC and it does not tick at 1.2 sec interval despite earlier information suggesting that

CD bwc would still be a good proccer for Seru tho, you get like 70% chance per tick, which is decent even on solo boss fights

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I’m puzzled by this comment. 20/16 is not high? And I have 1800% Cold (about the same as my Fire), so can you clarify what you mean by unmodified and not stacked high? It does good damage and freezes a lot of enemies (and ofc reduces their DA).

For some reason, the devotions from Seru and Blind Sage can only be allocated to WoP and Stormfire and nothing else in my build. I had to decide between them (didn’t have Stormfire originally its a new addition), and the Blind Sage devotion is the stronger of the two. Nevertheless I have now taken Seru’s final point and am trying it on Stormfire to see how it goes. It procs a LOT but the Mana use is nasty. I’ll try it for a bit then try swapping them round so the proc CDs align.

btw thanks for taking an interest, I really appreciate it.

it does half pierce dmg, which you don’t convert (your Kalastor is pure fire dmg because you convert the phys),
you don’t have any modifiers which means no additional dmg than base dmg,
it then only has minimum amount of projectiles because nothing left to invest to increase chillsurge to higher breakpoints,
and getting the DA shred doesn’t require 16pts investment in the first node

i’m guessing it’s cool and all on totems or random trash packs, but kinda doubt it would remote have a bigger impact than 13pt thermite mines on bosses or “stuff”