Looking for advice Shieldbreaker EOR

Took a look through the build compendium and didn’t see any EOR Shieldbreakers. Not real sure it’s terribly viable, but I put together this:


Been a while since I played and I’ve been playing Grim Tools more than Grim Dawn trying to decide what I want to try for, so I’m a bit rusty on actual thresholds needed to survive things. Looking at other EOR builds it seems mostly viable on damage and health and such, with okayish retal built in as well. Thought I was doing okay on OA, but other EOR builds seem a lot higher. My biggest concern/dislike is that it turned into a lot of lightning conversion with the gear I ended up with. I redid devos to support Lightning and I think it might be alright, there’s a fair bit of lightning in the skills anyway, but it feels a little…scattershot? Possibly better than almost all fire, but no real -RR for lightning.

Anyway, it seems like a fun idea for a walking aoe field, and I kind of want to try it. Any advice from anyone?

Also, yeah, reliant on an insane green for resists. =< Probably need to change that.

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I’ve only played about 20 different builds but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one use Messenger of War or Hyrian. Interesting choices. I really should take a better look at some of those constellations I never use.

I’m leveling a fire-focused Shieldbreaker - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo61LdV - using Fire Strike/BwC/Canister Bomb/Thermite Mine. I was going to shift to EoR a while back but when I noticed none of the builds used it, I stuck with what I knew. Most of the fun for me playing Demo is throwing BwC and Canister Bombs. I don’t really want to give those up, but EoR is also fun as hell to use.

I was thinking of trading Fire Strike/Thermite Mine for EoR, then maybe drop Solael’s Witchblade to take Kraken. I rarely play Crucible/SR anyway so it’s not like it has to be bulletproof.

so u want lightning EOR ?

Oathbreaker and Demo, and specifically their self-buffs have good retal support, so I felt like playing into that as a strength paired well enough with EoR. Hyrian and Pheonix both give retal and elemental/fire bonuses, so they felt pretty good. Messenger really is all about the big boost to retaliation, though.

I’m not sure I really wanted to go Lightning, but the gear picks I made pushed me more towards it. The more I’ve looked it over, the more I’m okay with that. Fire/Lightning are both pretty well represented in the damage already so supporting both isn’t any more difficult than trying to convert one out would be. In point of fact, maybe I should look into finding some physical to fire or physical to lightning to work in. Although I am really happy with the sheer amount of skill levels I managed to work in.

With all that said, I really do need to push OA given the devotion choices, the more I look at it.

well i suggest physical eor

This one is still pretty darn strong:

Both fire and lightning versions should be very strong on Shieldbreaker. I personally loves the attack speed passive boost on vindictive flames and also the opportunity to use Divine mandate as exclusive skill.

ty, not sure how I didn’t realize that one was EoR. Interesting. That’s a completely different gearing direction than I took, and looks really solid. Hmm. At the least I need to probably scrape out points for Thermite Mines.


The build doesn’t actually clarify the main dmg skill in the title (I used the name of the dedicated set instead :see_no_evil:), so the ‘active skills’ section of the build description is actually the only thing containing this information, at least in the build compendium – sorry…

If you want to search for a specific skill in the compendium I can recommend searching it by pressing Ctrl+F (you have to press it twice though to get to your normal browser search function!) :slight_smile:

And yeah, Thermite Mines are pretty bonkers here. Without them, this build would probably only be half as strong (they get a lot of support from the set & have Resistance Reduction which you always need) :wink: