Looking for advices on my nub commando

Hi guys, I’m looking for advices on this:


I have FG, first character and still poking around for g3 gears (brimstone/markovian/warborn or so :joy: - so far got markovian shoulder and the medal). I can run reasonably fine up to AoM.

Cleared SoT, BoS, PoV, mostly kite around for passive cooldown then rush in for bursts. Not fast, but ok.

However I can’t keep up with the end boss in Ancient Grove and later Ishtal. Clear speed is not good in FD, after 1.1.4 sustain seems to be harder as well. I tried Ghoul, Bat, Wendigo and 4 points in revenant. Currently testing Dryad.

So the questions right now:

  1. I’m confused about damage conversion. Should I go plain fire or physical? Early on Thermal Mines helped greatly against the mobs, but from Ancient Grove onward it doesn’t seem strong enough.
  2. Any specific gear piece/set I should go after?

Thank you in advance :blush:.

Commando is kinda a jack of all trades, you can go fire or physical damage with it. But in either case, you need to focus on one type. Now you are converting physical to fire with weapon and shield component, and you are converting fire to physical with shoulder. Also you have Kraken despite you have no 2H weapon.

Your life steal is only 5% and your damage is way less than what I could have done with just faction gear basically. This means less healing.

Here is my Totally normal warlord, adjusted for Demo https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQd8anZ
it has easily twice dps and triple healing, with just free drops, faction gear and stuff you can craft or buy from vendors. Also MI belt that is kinda easy to farm in Barrowhol mine and around Ugdenbog (which you run anyway for Ugdebog flowers)

btw fuck g3, you should do as good build as you can. If you happen to drop a dope MI or Green that will improve build offensively or defensively, use it!

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Thank you! I didn’t even realize what the shoulders did until you pointed it out :joy:. Got to ultimate and the details are too much for me so I just picked the fancy pieces without analyzing thoroughly. .

Tweaking my guy towards physical now, guess I’m giving Oleron a try.

Oh and I have a stonefist, it’s on the 2nd weapon slot :joy:

You could do physical FW then, check out my guides for FW warlord and Death Knight and adjust for Demo.

This is how I adjusted the warlord to commando

Do not ignore faction items and “random” greens is my sincere suggestion, they can really boost your build until you get BiS purples and can craft higher tier components. Also craft gear, what else are you gonna do with all your scrap? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh that hurts… I threw all the greens and blues to vendor because I hate the reading… (thanks Creed, your monologues were terribly long…)

Gonna follow 2/3 of that, except I’m gonna use Cadence. I know it hurts the performance but… I just can’t get it out of my mind how illogical it is.

Like, if I could use a hammer like a fan pumping air so hard it does damage, then why shouldn’t the main char(s) make a fire truck pumping high-pressured water as the ultimate nuke to defeat Cthulu? But no they gotta wear fancy armor doin’ solo combat just because it’s cool (hey, the world is in danger). Seriously… :thinking:

Damage report: Upgraded. For the sake of fashion and laziness, I haven’t browsed the other gears thoroughly. Still struggling a bit in Ancient Grove as they score a crit every now and then (damn, treebeard…), but I can breeze through BoS and SoT now, happy about that.


  1. Tried Blind Fury, sadly it only works on crit hit and there’s no proper trigger right now. So can’t compare it to Ulzuin’s torch. Testing bear atm. Melee mode handles the crowd decently. Not strong, but stable.

  2. Can hammer Kapybara… I mean the tree nemesis, in a much faster fashion.

  3. To my embarrassment, I got a crossbow, and Valdun as 2nd weapon. While the mace still proves superior against medium-sized foes, the crossbow took down both Sharzul and the Aetherial nemesis without dropping a sweat. Made me feel massively suspicious over my melee build’s quality (…).

  4. I think I overcapped some of my resistance stats too hard. Stonetreader shoes provide better shield against the treants slam attack. Haven’t got enough Ugdenbloom to make leather though. It seems like the dev lowered the drop rate.

137% attack speed with 2H cadence is not… super good :slight_smile:

the drop rate of flowers is good it used to be much lower.

The pants does nothing for you, and with 2.3k OA, can you cast Assassin mark on the bosses?

Yeah, I’m checkin green pants for replacements as well, somehow I keep getting poison stuff. About Assasin mark, tbh I really don’t know. After buff it’s about 2.5k and I’m dropping flashbang + markovian so crit multiplier jumps up sometimes, but I really can’t tell. Is there any way to track it?

You know that DA reduction from Markovian, Flashbang and Blindside do not stack, right?

You can see an icon for Assassins mark above monster’s head, its a blue skull with swords.

… oh… I’m really silly :joy:
Thank you :joy:

Just tested, with Zeal instead of Salvation Valdun (2.7k after buff OA) constantly deals 1.8 crit on tough targets without having to kite. That was why. Guess I need to optimize it all over again.

craft juggernaut, easy OA