Looking for build-help (DoT conjurer)

hey there, im looking for help to get my conjurer viable for elite and later going into ultimate

DISCLAIMER: this is my kinda first try to build my own thing, im overall only 80 hours in this game and highest level was mid-40 for me, i tried different builds by other ppl tho (summoner, prim striker, pistols, rifle, warder etc etc) - i wont ensure responsibility for hurting eyes because its so bad

so far i tried to go on wendigo totem, tried dev swarm and then i tried sigil of con, overall im most happy with swarm / sigil, both paired with totem

my main-problem is that most dotbuilds take like 6 active-abilities, thats a bit too much for my taste! i like to play it a bit more chilled, so i plan to focus on a max of 4 active abilities, probally:

storm totem OR wendigo totem
sigil of consumption OR devouring swarm
curse of frailty OR grasping vines
chaos bolt - probally a 100% pick thanks to its unique high single-damage

i like to run buffs/auras, at the moment im planning to run (at least):
mogdrogen’s pact (1) - heart of the wild (10) - oak skin (1)
solael’s witchfire (12) - second rite (1)
possesion (12)

what would you suggest on a max. 4 abilities build based on damage over time, also whats your opinion on these buffs/auras? im quite sure chaos bolt isnt really skippable, what about its level tho? level 1? level 12?

2 versions i’ve planned so far (1x devouring, 1x sigil)

http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-F0lwBb - 10 points left for ideas (sigil, storm totem, curse, chaos bolt)

http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-5uA1hc - 7 points left for ideas (devouring, vendigo, glasp, chaos bolt)

the devouring seem to be quite bleeding-focused, so would stack bleeding on that one, while on the sigil one i would fully go for vitality and chaos damage

like i said im not having any super high chars, never seen elite or even ultimate, so my builds are fully built around my IDEA of endgame, not around experience. please feel free to tell me when something is terrible wrong, i actually hope dot builds are even viable…