Looking for cookie cutter build

Done trying to create my own build just to get stuck.

Can anyone link a build that destroys everything on ultimate with break down on devotions and attribute, skills and gear?

Thanks for anyhelp

Witchblade 2h ranged- The Deathbringer

JoV’s Blademaster

Witchblade, Fist of the Northern Star faceroll build

Aether Tremors

Squib’s Retaliation Warder

Also, my builds-
Bulletstorm and Maelstrom

Both of them can put down the toughest enemies of cairn in a short time. I can take on everyone except for the Iron Maiden. Though the thread only presents the build concept. I have made some changes to the gear setup (especially to Maelstrom) and plan to update when i find the time.

hit me up at sf_hope on steam and we shall chat about such things!

Well in my opionions, for what it worths, “getting stuck” rolling weak characters is an important part of this game. A big part of the fun comes from theorycrafting and see if your “idea” can actually work.

The only 2 “top” builds i did copy from the forum are the ones i never play…

Agreed with this. I make my own builds. The only build i copied from here was Squib’s Retaliation Warder. And even then i made some adjustments to suit my own playstyle.

If you don’t mind then post some SC and a grimcalc of your build, maybe we can help you get through the choke points

Trying an Ultimate Saboteur I found from a video by “Unretired” looks pretty sweet.

Still can’t kill elite Sentinel with my duel pistol build. going to finish up elite level a few more times then kill him before moving on to Ultimate. That build is


Shaman side
Summon Briathorn-4
Ground Slam-4
Emboldering roar-4
Primal bond-5
Mogdrogen’s pact-1
Heart of the Will-4
Oak Skin-1

Demologist side
Flame Touch-1
Blast Shield-1
Fire Strike-12
Explosive strike-12
Static strike-12
Blackwater Coctail-12
high potency-1
Demon Fire-12
Agonizing Flame-12
Therminte Mine-5
Hellfire Mine-5
Vindictive Flame-1
Ulzuin’s Wrath-1

Eldtrich, Chaos, Order
Eye of Guardian- on Summon Briarthorn
Scholars Light
Falcon- on Fireblast
Magi- on Thermite Mine (this is awesome)
Bat- on volley
Ulzuins Tourch- Firestrike

Finally beat him. Leveled to 73 unlocked Ulzuins tourch devotion and got exterminus pistol which helped my dps. Not looking forward to him on ultimate bit at 75 build is starting to shine-fire mayham!!