Looking for critique on DW ranged cold Phantasmal Blade Infiltrator

First time poster so if I broke any protocols (just skimmed the guidelines) - I’m sorry in advance


Just starting playing it, ( level 27 ) and was having fun so I thought of building a template to follow and post it to see were I made some blunders or out right mistakes or if it will fail miserably in ultimate. Any suggestions, especially on the weapons?

Would also like to thank all of the build posters for all of the different and wonderful types of builds. Tried many, but still haven’t reached 100 - highest was 82 using one of Maya’s pet builds. Like to play hardcore and am not as nimble as I was in my younger days.


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Hey and welcome to the forum!

I’m a little bit confused here…so maybe you can help me understand - but why not go for the harra set instead of the demonslayer?

You seem to want to focus on cold damage, demonslayer only provides bonuses to vit damage, and in fact detracts from cold damage as can be seen by the conversion on the head piece.

Last but not least, you’d almost always want an offhand for PB because it’ll give you much needed energy sustain to keep spamming it.

Here’s a great example from which you can get some ideas :slight_smile:

Like I said - blunders or out right mistakes.

Didn’t really look at the Harra set (will now) when I was putting things together. Thought that the extra projectiles and additional blade spirit summons was a good thing. As to the offhand, I was assuming that I could use ectoplasm in a few spots to help with sustain - guessing by your comment it wouldn’t be enough. I looked at Olexra’s Nemesis and was a bit turned off by the devotions and assumed that for the build to work I would have to use the path provided. I have an aversion to having my health drop by dying god, maybe it is because I play hardcore.

A question about Harra set. It seems (to me) that other than cold it doesn’t do much for the build or am I looking at it wrong? Also wouldn’t 2 types of damage cold and something else be better, because I’ve read that in higher levels there is a lot more resists to cold?

Thanks for the help

hey, mate,

just look at my build, you can pretty much copy it, it’s min-maxed to death and field-proven. On an Infiltrator you need elemental damage, so Harra is a way to go. You also want an off-hand for caster specs. It seems like you are lacking a bit of knowledge of basics, so look them up on these forums, just look at the top builds and try to understand why they are built this way. You can also ask those people who made these builds, they will gladly answer


Lacking a bit? More like a lot :laughing:

I’ve spent a lot of time (1751 hours - well maybe not a lot) trying out different builds, but because I’m doing self found/hardcore I’m guessing that I don’t get to see the full effect a completed build has (before I die) and why it does what it does. Watching a video just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m more of a try and die type. I had thought that a duel wielding PB Infiltrator would have been pretty fun, but if I’m really handicapping myself by sticking to the notion of duel wielding, I’m guessing that I should do some rethinking. mad_lee and sir_spanksalot thanks for helping in pointing out the errors of my ways. Seriously thanks. Going to try Olexra’s again and hope to stay alive long enough to complete the build.

vitality and cold are both resists enemies tend to come loaded to the gills with. But with an infiltrator, you’ve more or less solved the issue with enemy cold resistance.

So why weaken your damage character by splitting the damage 2 ways?

This is correct, and is therefore the strongest point about harra.

Play the game however you want, so ignore my suggestion if it doesn’t appeal to you.

but the biggest benefit of playing softcore is learning from your mistakes. You get to fight the same thing which killed you over and over again till you succeed, thereby imparting unto you, the player, invaluable knowledge/experience.

So perhaps a run or two in softcore might be just the boost you need to succeed in HC