Looking for DW Melee Build Returning Player No Gear

Anyone have any advice on any DW melee builds to farm on and eventually gear for end game? Are acid dervish builds still solid with the green MI for leveling and dunefiend at higher level? Or are there any cold builds in better shape?


You got more options than ever and the leveling process will be smooth across multiple masteries

You’re right that Rift Scourge Slicers are a great leveling tool for Dervishes while getting geared up with Dunefiend’s set.

Blademaster (Soldier+Nightblade) has a similarly easy gearing time with the Dermapteran Slicers being great for a pierce build. Spellbreaker and Infiltrator both do great with Spectral Longswords all the way to 100 for nuclear Shadow Strikes.

Which setup do you think would be the easiest to level from scratch? And solid for all endgame content ?and thanks!

Have a look here

plenty of builds that are easily geared up and can be transitioned into endgame ones later on when you’ve farmed the necessary items for whatever build you want to do.