Looking for facetank builds

I’ve played a couple of glass cannons in this and now I just want to facetank everything. What are some good classes for that? I would like to try Warder but I can’t seem to find any up-to-date builds on those. I also hear Battlemage is a very durable.

I don’t have a lot of gear right now. I have 1-2 pieces each of item sets, but no complete sets, and I’ve had terrible luck in getting mythical relic blueprints to drop.

If kill speed is of no importance, then Retaliation Warder is the most durable character by far.

Superfluff’s Commando is my only character able to farm most of Ultimate. It’s pretty damn tanky.


I see the retaliation builds so I’d like to stay away from them. Playing a conjurer filled by queue for inactive play styles for now.