Looking for gear tips - Paladin EoR

Want some general advice and suggestions but I’m especially struggling at finding a decent amulet which preferably has:
Attack speed
Fire (or at least Elemental) % damage
Fire (or at least Elemental) flat damage
+1 to all or +1 to Oathkeeper

Maybe I’m being too picky but I absolutely need the +1 to get my Soulfire to 22/12.
Current top contenders are Shattered Realm Ward and Empowered Essence of Beronath. Leaning towards the former as it gives me more defence and caps my slow resistance (only needed another 7% though). Also the latter only gives me ~5.2k DPS.

I feel like my options are more or less set in stone with Mythical Eternal Band and Mythical Combustion Band, though still need to get my hands on the Combustion.
EDIT: Just realized that with my current setup, I need the Mythical Entropic Coil already in use to keep EoR at 26/16.
I’m not very satisfied with the choices of pants and my Mythical Hellforged Legplates are serviceable at best. I’m going to keep an eye out for some green pants with battle cry and fire damage.
Chest & Gloves
The Mythical Chestguard of Justice with Mythical Handguards of Justice just have a great 2-set bonus and there does not seem to be any must-have items for those slots.
My Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards aren’t ideal and I plan to upgrade to Mythical Greaves of Ill Omens when RNG decides to make that decision for me.
Right now I’m using Mythical Dawnshard Pauldrons but when I get that boots upgrade I can switch to Mythical Shoulderguards of Justice for that 3-set bonus without losing Soulfire levels.
I don’t really see any other helmet that can compete with Ravager’s Dreadgaze.
There are probably better options out there than my Mythical Equilibrium Sash but I need those +2 to EoR or it’s stuck at 24/16

GT Save Import
I’m missing a bunch of devotion and skill points because I just hit lvl 100 and still haven’t gotten to the AoM or FG content since I used Lokar’s and exp potions.
My components are also partly cobbled together and a work in progress and I desperately need to get a faction with bleed resistance augments to revered.