Looking for multiplayer


I really enjoy multiplayer, and i fired up the multiplayer stuff but there doesn’t seem to be a way to figure out what level characters are in the party (well not quickly you have to pick a group and then look at the characters) or what quests they are on, etc…

Is there a discussion thread or tags for “looking for people to play multiplayer with” ?


No, but you could start one! :slight_smile:

happy to do that ! it would be really nice if it had a tag of “Multiplayer” ? :wink: I’m assuming tags can only be granted by the mods ?

I’m not sure. But I’m certain @medea_fleecestealer could help you out. :slight_smile:

Sorry for not replying, but been on holiday so limited internet access. I’m not clever enough to add a tag, but I’ll ask eisprinzessin to add a multiplayer one. In the meantime you could also join the GD Discord Official Grim Dawn Discord and you’ll find a section there for searching for fellow players.

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You can add tags to your topic, if you edit the OP.

You can select from any of the existing tags, and forum regulars can even create new ones.

doh ! forgot about discord, that’s a good way to go too (once I install it :wink: meanwhile i can just add an optional tag as @eisprinzessin suggested that will allow people to search on multiplayer stuff.