Looking for new ARPG

I am about to embark on my final year for gaming. Would like to start a complete new ARPG, non-turn based, not an add on. Presently have Grim Dawn, Titan Quest and Eastern Sun Rises ( a Diablo 2 Mod). Turn base games and me don’t work.
Any suggestions appreciated.

You already tried Torchlight 2?
Made by some former Blizzard North (Diablo1+2) people and there are a lot of mods, too.:slight_smile:

Median XL

If you like D2 Mods you should love this. It’s like if D2 had the complexity/build possibilities of PoE and the scope of GD.

Chronicon is pretty good, still in early access, but its a fun game, if you don’t mind the graphics.

Thanks for helping. Unfortunately I have been playing games too long.
Played Median XL years ago. Played torchlight also. Unfortunately my eyes would never stand the wild graphics of Chronicon. Is POE turn based?
First computer Vic 20, Best surprise ending Dungeon Siege 2, A fun game was Fable Lost Chapter. Puzzle action Myst… One of the first Captain Keen series (side winder). Too many of the games I tried or played, the combat seemed clumsy.
Thanks again

Two Worlds? It’s what got me into the genre. Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur.

PoE is an online ARPG. IIRC, it’s free so give it a shot and see if you can find enjoyment in the game. I personally didn’t much enjoy it. Though many do.

Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur is an awesome game.

Bonus points for causing a political scandal as well, sadly there’s virtually no point in replaying it since the whole world is static.

I would suggest Grim Dawn.

Never heard of this :eek:

Old Bugger’s already been playing GD.

Two Worlds is quite fun, as is Kingdoms of Amalur too :slight_smile:

I too started off on a Vic20!

Purchased Kingdoms of Amalur. Get it Friday, will give it a try before sequel.

I hope you can refund K.O.A
I got it too even though outdated graphics and wacky camera didn’t bothered me because it was recommended to me too. but it had this very annoying split second freezing when your attacks connect with enemies. people said it was intentional to chain combos easily I don’t know about you but it was dealbreaker for me. also it had very shallow loot compared to games like GD. didn’t bothered with the story anymore when i saw the camera , controls and loot.

I am also surprised nobody mentioned the adventures of Van Helsing series , Victor Vran , Vikings - wolves of midgard…

while victor vran and vikings are very bland compared to GD, van helsing has a cool skill system and ton of content. and all of the three games are well polished technically (they run well and very few if no bugs). I would easily recommend these three over kingdoms of amalur. furthermore if it is to be a non isometric arpg, i would rather just play skyrim once more than KOA

Isn’t Kingdoms of Amalur more like a singleplayer MMO? :confused:

Vikings is very bland, indeed.

Van Helsing makes some fun! Prefer part 1 (2nd and 3rd aren’t that great, imo).

Victor Vran isn’t my taste of setting. What’s the big deal with this heavy metal stuff? :undecided:

If you’re going for the worst games in this genre. Then also suggest Loki & Warhammer: Martyr

Try Din’s Legacy, if you are new to Soldak you will enjoy it, if you already know soldak’s stuff you will enjoy it anyway. It’s basically din’s curse on steroid, with even more bright ideas. God bless Steve.

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have u tried last epoch ?

Have you ever played Dragon’s Dogma? It’s either hit or miss for anyone, but if it clicks with you, it will definitely become one of your favorite games ever.
Though if it’s not for you, you are going to find it extremely bland and boring.

I know you are going to think I am genre jumping here, but Bordelands 1.

For me, after TQ/GD, the BL series is the only modernish game that give pleasure for levling and finding loot. Great story too imo.