Looking for tips on beating Ravager of flesh with my Cabalist

Hi guys. I’m following the Bane of Uroboruuk and there’re in-depths I’ve yet to understand. Still collecting gears, I got the Mad Queen though it took a minute or two running around while re-summon my skeletons. Now trying Ravager - accidentally summoned Flesh instead of the other dude.

Somehow my troopers do very little damage against him, like a whole minute and his hp goes down by only 3-4%. Could you please point out what I need to fix in my build? Suggestion for alternatives would be great as well. Thank you in advance :grinning:


Without knowing what you are going for, it is kind of hard to say what to change.

Instead let me give you a few builds that can all kill Ravager. Pick one from here: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets
(The strongest Cabalist in that list would be Will O Wisp btw)

Skeletons generally don’t fare well against superbosses.

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Thank you :smile:. I’m just looking for a casual way to roll through the game. No need for top speed, just about 4 minutes to beat the boss would be enough. Fewer buttons to hit would be nice since my reflex is really not sharp XD. Will O Wisp seems to require a lot of gears (I have only the shoulder piêc now) Guess I’ll try the farming route first and see what I get. :smile:

P.S. I just seriously hate that doggo god’s tone.

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My other suggesstions would be either

Will O Wisp also has different versions with lesser gear requirements that might work

How is the stairs situation?