loot bug?

I wanted some input before I consider posting this to bug forum.

I’m running ultimate, but maybe ~300? heros ago the loot started to resemble what I would see in elite (all blues).

The mobs feel like ultimate; in fact I just ran the secret quest of GD to check. The Johns dropped tier 92 and the chests gave only greens.

Running the rogues gives only blues and I think I saw one purple at the end. This is what I would see in elite.

I compare this to hundreds of previous ultimate runs. But I wonder if I’m just having a very, very, very bad run of RNG and I’m just paranoid?

(lvl100 character)

This is an in-real-life bug. You’re not lucky enough, therefore you don’t get any cool drops. I once played the WHOLE ultimate difficulty (not AoM) and, guess what? I dropped nothing, only greens, not even a blue one. The other time I played I’ve gotten about 25 legendaries in an hour or maybe a little more.

If this will keep happening regularly, verify the game files.

Right. But AoM drop rates were increased…and I’m wondering if somehow that got reverted to old GD rates.

The game has not been flawless, but mostly unintrusive to this point. For example, The first time I logged in after completing the entire campaign in ultimate, my achievements bugged out. Which is no big deal. But this…

There hasn’t been a change in droprates for non-Components/Materials since November: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63271

Right. I’ll give it another 20 or so roguelikes to compare, before I consider posting. I’ll stick to the AoM side, to see.