Loot Table (fixeditemloot.tpl) question

In the base game, records/endlessdungeion/lootchests/chestloot_special_a02u.dbr, the following stanza occurs:


I don’t understand two things about loot1Chance:

  1. What is the meaning of “1000” here? I don’t know what a chance of 1000 is.,
  2. What is the purpose of the array, and why does it have 1000 every three entries?


These are relative weights. You can find more info on these things if you search the forum. For example these threads:

Okay. First, thank you so much for saying the thing labeled “chance” is a weight. That makes so much sense given some other loot table I was working with that was not using the array, and had three entries set to 100, but didn’t seem to dropping all three entries every time. I had that as an investigate item.

Anyway, following that picture in the second link that explains the probability (wow, that’s some black magic), there still something I don’t understand.

Back to the table I referenced previously, here are the three rows (there are only 3 lootChance entries:


I hadn’t noticed previously they are striding in alternating threes. But I can make sense of that, just barely. What I don’t understand is, what is the purpose of any entry after the fourth? Given what I understand, all that does is repeat itself, and if these arrays were truncated to the values of the first 3 entries for each one, it would produce the same result. Is this just a case of a vanilla file running off at the mouth, or do I not fully understand yet?

Seeing more of the dbr would help, but in general, when you have several values separated by ; in loot tables, these are for MP purposes. I.e. chances are this results in one of each dropping for each player.

One entry you did not include will tell how many drops in total there should be, from there you then get the n-th drop based on the weights of the n-th value from each of the three lines (always one 1000 and two 0s, making it clear which item will drop)

Thank you for that. It’s starting to make a bit more sense now. The later entries are:


There are 24 cells in each array.

The first 12 entries will get used, the latter 12 never will (the dbrs allow for up to 8 players even though GD only allows 4)

I figured you were going to tell me that. Thank you so much. This makes sense now.