Loot table "weight" and "chance to equip" explanation?

Hi, I’m leveling up a build and looking for rare green gears with specific prefix and suffix. But I don’t have enough patience to sit down all day as well as run again and again with boring farming in main game vanilla. Fortunately, I’m very curious in modding and coding :rolleyes: I can sit all day to figure out cool stuffs. So, I decide to make myself a mod which combines grimmest mod for monster spawn rate and my modification for items drop rate. I had some researches, but I’m still confused about these terms in modding:eek:
Can someone clarify for me. Thanks!

randomizer weight, what is maximum value?

chance to equip misc / chance to equip misc item (difference, relationship and max cap?, do they all add up to 100%?)
I want to increase drop rate to 100% for sure (lazy man :D)