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as you have probably all experienced, it can be very difficult to compare loot to get better values for your builds.

For me personally, it’s terrible to have to stand at the vendor’s for half an hour or even more every 5 levels (at this point my inventory is always full) and sort out which item is better for my build or not. This interrupts the flow of the game for me personally, reduces my immersion in the game and also reduces the rare time I can play.

I don’t know if this has been suggested before and I don’t know how difficult it is for Crate (Best Developers ever btw:-)) to do this, but my suggestion would be to include comparisons in items that show which values get better and which worse when you equip them. This would make it much easier for me to exclude items that I don’t need.

I’d like to hear your opinion on this suggestion and I’m open to any idea how I can implement it now with third-party tools if there are any.

Thanks in advance to this great community :slight_smile: and to everyone who loves the game as much as I do :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there are quite a few stats in the game and on gear, but many of them can be ignored for much of the levelling process. Typically I only assess resistances and armour value on the journey to 94, I also typically stay in level 65 faction gear for a long time (sometimes to 94). Attack speed for a weapon. Any +% damage is ignored, DA and OA too.

Loot comparison tools would be cool but I think it will be expected that you, if you don’t enjoy standing at the vendor for long periods of time, don’t assess every stat of each piece, but rather that you try to prioritise and narrow down the stats you want to look for.

Looking through all the loot in your bags at once is pretty mind numbing. I usually assess items when I pick them up and move interesing stuff into a separate bag. This way I can sell most of the stuff quickly wihtout looking at it again. Rule of thumb: if in doubt, sell it.

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I also have hard time comparing 2 items sometimes, but it’s typically when they provide totally different stats. And I enjoy making these decisions. Makes me all the more invested in my character.

  • Have you turned off magic and common items in the loot filter (maybe even rare except double rares and MIs if you’re further into the game and really want to have less loot)?

  • The more you play, the quicker it gets.
    You just look at an item for literally a second before you know whether to keep it or not

  • You can incorporate my recent strategy which is to sell for example all armors first, then helms, then shoulders etc. The reason is that it helps you to focus and you always remember the stats of a piece you’re wearing. Whereas if you keep changing item types, the evaluation is much more time/brain power consuming

Now that you say that. The best (hopefully easiest too) solution would be a button that could re-arrange your bags by gear slot. That would be nice QoL indeed.

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Well it would have been over multiple loot bags to make some sense.
And sorting in such a way would interfere with tetris.

Diablo 3 on consoles has a different inventory than on PC - instead of tetris, inventory is divided into multiple lists each holding items of a specific type. The total capacity is just number of times you can hold, i.e. 300. XBox port could have such inventory but I assume it’s going to stay as it is in the PC version.

But I advise you to try the strategy I mentioned. I may not be much faster but it really lessens the mental strain of comparing the items as i.e. after 1-2 pair of boots you already have your currently equipped ones in your short memory and then you’re on an autopilot so to speak. The drawback is that you have to search for different item types with your eyes.

Eh. It’s not really an issue for me anymore. I’ve played so much, I know all the affix and I only need select few stats for levelling.

Sure. I didn’t mean you in particular.

Btw I’ve measured how much it takes me (I’m a pedantic type) to empty the inventory - 13.5 minutes That’s including

  • examining at all the items and selling them
  • storing all the good items and possible upgrades in stash
  • launching Assistant to empty the tab
  • putting all crafting materials, elixirs etc in the stash (those that don’t go there automatically)
  • clicking on all the blueprints and lore notes

I’m sure experienced don’t need to examine items all that much anymore and can do it much faster.

Still it’s nothing compared to PoE from what I’ve read.

Thanks for your feedback.

I think, as tqfan has already written, I just need to gain more experience and play longer (I’m currently at 300 hours +).

I also do it so that I group the items and then compare and sell each group individually.

I use the Loot-Filter to not show normal and yellow items. I don’t dare to set more filters in order to Not miss something good😄

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