Lore Discussion of Dual Masteries

Hello to all who land on this topic.
I decided to open this topic, as it always interested me to try and figure out what the lore and description of dual masteries, such as Purifier, Warlock, Tactician and etc… was, and so I’ve decided to open this topic to discuss it with similarly interested people, as well as share my own theories.
So with that out of the way.
What is your favorite dual mastery and what do you think is the lore behind it?

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I guess I’ll start with my own theory on what I think the Purifier is.

When beginning as a Demolitionist and becoming a Purifier:
I think that it’s a person beginning as a combat engineer serving the army, but deciding that the traditional methods of combat that have up til now been effective for destroying ordinary enemies may not be so effective on more esoteric foes. Not only that, but as they fight them, they realize that such enemies lie not only without, but within. So they decide to stop simply being a soldier and decide to join the Luminari order to learn how to fight that enemy and thus become witch hunters.

When beginning as a Inquisitor and becoming a Purifier:
In this case, my theory is that as an Inquisitor fights the occult and necromancers, they realize that whilst the runes and gadgets they wield as an Inquisitor are effective on their own, they begin to feel that it’s not enough to fight such forces and decide to supplement the traditional tools of the trade with further research into weaponry, alchemy and worship of Ulzuin to supplement their arsenal and take their fight against the forces of magic even further. In short they become slightly more like what the traditional witch hunters were, driven, ruthless and with a penchant for burning witches.
So what do you think?


Pyromancer; Royal Demolitionist who was enlisted in the Army blowing stuff up during sieges as well as grabbing a weapon of their choice, imbuing it with flame, and standing in the front lines giving support to other soldiers. A natural affinity with chaos magic leads many Demos to forsake the ways of fire and flame and to pledge their services to Solael’s service, becoming enhanced with dark flame that few can resist in combat. This comes at a heavy toll to their mortal body, and many demos look much older than they actually are.

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Hm, yes, a peculiar topic. I’m pretty bad at this stuff, but I’ll give it a shot. Continuing on Demolitionist, then…

…Defilers are not just mere grave robbers, they’re individuals that possess strong spiritual attunement. As such, they tend to join cults that delve into necromancy and otherwordly powers that it grants, or set residence in some tomb or sepulcher to perform experiments and rituals in seclusion - far away from any judgement.

With scientific breakthroughs and appearance of widespread explosives to help in mining, Defilers found a new tool that would allow them to excavate ancient tombs, which, according to rumors, often containt great wealth… as well as strong spiritual presence.

Armed with explosives, necrotic powers and a firearm to fend off any undead guradians (or occasional law enforcement), Defilers desecrate the graves in seek of not only gold and treasure, but also restless spirits to harness. In the end, all they want is to achieve immortality - or immense power that will put dread in hearts of their enemies, at the very least.