Lore: Sexy Load Screen Witch's Identity

This is pure conjecture, and I’m sure a few of you have wondered about this possibility before, but it occurs to me after a fresh Port Valbury run that the busty Aetherial-looking witch with the MacBeth skull and wicked dagger may be Van Aldritch’s missing daughter Alice. Maybe we catch up to her and her mother (last seen in Van Aldritch’s basement) in FG? Thoughts?

I recall hearing officially that she’s a character in FG, but I believe they mentioned a different name. Probably a member of one of the three witch god cults.

This is actually a pretty popular theory, though since I think Alice is meant to be a baby/child I wouldn’t count on it being the case. :smiley:

Might want to have a look around in the Fleshworks post-Valbury. :wink:

IIRC it’s Priscilla.

Totally missed that detail. Okay then! :smiley:

Nooo, she’s down there? Guess I missed that too!:rolleyes:

Her name is Byscella and you’ll meet her in the Conclave of the Three.