Losing Gold When Green

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I find I’m losing gold each monthly cycle despite generating more income than my outgoing. I’m constantly in the (green) so therefore I should be earning, but I appear to be losing the figure shown instead. Is this a bug perhaps? Before anyone asks, yes I’m making sure I’m not spending gold on upgrades to my settlement as I’m watching the figure drop. I have to keep selling at the Trade House to stop the figure from dropping too low.

Yes, something wrong with gold income calculation.
And looks like now if you buy something on trade market you spending “town gold” instead “trade market gold”.

Had this issue too.
+204 but keeping at 0, “fixed it” by raising a lot my gold income x)

I also seem to have some gold problem. Yesterday i had 100+ coming in every month for years. Today i load the game and am instantly -100 g/m. It might be correct after loading - not sure.

I did find out that some of my markets had no people working, so this took taxes down i guess. After recent raid i had all units out of barracks and then later put in. I have like 35 soldiers or so, but they only take 50g or so now while it was over 100 before. Or maybe they don’t ask gold if they are intoxicated? This i also turned on as i had more people for brewery to work again.

Same here.

Two weird reasons:

  • Vaults: if you don’t have enogh free people, the gold transport get’s stuck sometimes and does not reach the vault, get’s dropped. If you don’t have a vault and your warehouse is full, the gold will just waste away on the streets.
  • Bug in the trade center. It’s already reported. The trade center get’s all the new income. It jeust happens, especially when you transfered some Gold recently

Hack: disband all soldiers after raid. depending on the amount of raider camps and difficulty you will at least be left in peace for 2 years. Except for payable raids but when they happen you have some time to recruit again anyway.

Money is the only thing about this game that I could not figure out. It is the reason I have a very small standing army.

My town generates a lot of gold. But I do not know how much of it is from spice. What if traders stop appearing with spice?

This game needs a breakdown of every coin for at least last five years. Maybe, if they had an SQLite database with the necessary data, we could create a mod to fetch it and generate better reports from it.

I’m still getting this issue even in a new game unfortunate.