Lost Ark NA beta/release

Is anyone else trying Lost Ark during the beta?
Its been on my watch list for awhile now, and I’m pretty excited to be diving in. I’m gaming again although in more moderation than the past.
Come check it out with me @ Twitch (I wont be streaming much)

Hm. You got me considering it - even tho it’s an mmo :nauseated_face:. Let me think on it a moment :scorv:

My first impression after a few hours is that there is a lot of depth of systems. I’m not totally sure how the combat will feel after playing for awhile. The animation times feel a bit clunky at first, although I think after some time it will feel a bit more strategic for use of certain skills.

its a great game, but very whale oriented… you better be ready to open that wallet, if you want to progress and do top tier content…
So not worth it in my opinion… and to b fare i think grim dawn is way cooler :stuck_out_tongue: