Lost Grim Dawn

I need some help. i dumped steam because I felt that they were slowing down my game. Now I need to recover my game. How can I download my game without involving Steam? Thanks to whoever answers!


I’m going to assume by ‘game’ you mean your game ‘saves’?

If so that depends on if you were using clouds saves or local saves.

Maybe I am mistaken but doesn’t Steam save games to the cloud? If that sounds ignorant then I am. I have two games. One has a sole character around lvl 40. That’s the game I am trying to recover. The other is with Crate and works perfectly’ I realize that I could go to Steam but then I would have steam in my computer again. I was hoping Crate could help. Maybe I can transfer my game from Steam to Crate??

When you first start the game with Steam the default options of the game use Steam cloud. This can be disabled if one wanted, where it would then save your characters locally on your computer. Judging by your wording tho I am guessing you never did any such thing.

There is no such thing as “with Crate”. If you are using GOG your current saves with that game client are in the default local save location: on your computer.

Your Steam saves, however, are likely still in the cloud. And no, Crate can’t do anything about that. That’s only something you could do. You have to install Steam, then GD, then enter the game and go into settings and tell the game to download your saves to your hard drive.

However, because you already have save files in the local save location, when you install Steam you will first need move your current save folder entirely OUT of its location as the Steam copy will detect and read from this location.

Before launching the Steam version go here:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn

- and move the entire Grim Dawn save folder out of the way, stick it on your Desktop for the time being. Then launch the Steam version, go into Options and go to the Network tab and push the Download Cloud Saves button:

- then exit the game and go back to this location:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn

You will see a new Grim Dawn folder here. If your old Steam character save exists it will be in this folder at:

C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main