Low health - audible warning

In Titan Quest, when your health fell below a certain level, you’d get an audible CLANG to warn of impending doom. In Grim Dawn, the edges of the screen slowly turn red. Trouble is, in the middle of an epic fight with spells flying everywhere, I don’t notice the red creeping in from the sides until it’s too late. The Titan Quest CLANG was perfect, it really cut through the screams and growls.

Would be great if something similar was implemented in Grim Dawn. Optional, of course.

Low health has an audible warning. It’s a rapid heartbeat sound.

I admit that I’ve never noticed, there’s always too much dying, exploding and sizzling going on to hear that. Perhaps once I hear it once I’ll know what to listen for, but that Titan Quest clang really cut through all the action and made you hammer the drink health potion hotkey!