Low level levelling items.

Are there any low level, leveling items i can farm on elite to transfer to a 2nd character? i’ve got to ultimate with my necro but no matter how much i try farm gear or respec i just don’t have the dps to push further so i have given up on it.

I read that there are some leveling legendarys you can farm on ultimate but as i cannot get that far is there any rare or blue items i can farm for to put on a new character to give him a chance at starting elite?

I don’t want to start in normal again as i don’t see the point doing the same thing 3 times. I didn’t really want to start in elite but i really don’t want to play my cabalist anymore.

You can farm the Krieg set and the Dark one set on Elite. Those drop below level 94, I think starting from 75.

Your cabalist might benefit from items that proc temporary pets like the Primal instinct relic, which alone adds 5 creepy crawleys to your army

Farming dark one on elite? :thunk:

Same as Krieg’s, drops on Elite level 75+.