Loxmere, hardcore mode. Help pls.

SSsso i’m usually a sc player but while waiting for FG i’m playing hc quite a lot (silly idea i know), surviving with scarcity of gear - i have to farm again all those blueprints plus i have just few decent items - is not Always easy but i’m doing better than i expected.
The other day on a caster build i was running plains of strife on ultimate and loxmere left me there under a gravestone.
I know he is a nasty guy but how do you hc seasoned guy handle him? in other words given for granted i will run around with some trash gear o my next char too are there any breakpoints i could have in mind to at least survive an ambush by him? It’s not i want to kill him…

ps : yeah i watched monster database on grimtools but i was thinking maybe some player could give me some tips.

This guy.

You have to facetank him. He is pretty squishy, but his attack/SS is brutal;huge damage spike with mana drain/damage from mana drain/stun… So, priority target, stun if possible, or just straight max-damage mode.

Popping a homestead defense potion for extra DA/armor and/or a Devil’s crossing Sithblade potion for 75% miss @2s can help survive the tank for squishy characters.

You can’t run (well, you can…I have sucessfully pawned him off on some black legion npcs so I could watch his tricks for a bit, but running will kill you in most cases). Also, his SS heals him. I suppose you could try an emergency portal, if you use mouse/keyboard control.

I am ofc referring to a self-found, appropriate-level toon. If you are 100 and geared out, then he’s not an issue.

Edit: oh yeah, and Aether Cluster…always forget about those as I never use them; but definitely would on HC.

He strips your buffs as his first move, so be aware that you’re going to lose whatever bonuses you have from toggleable skills and the like. If you want to take the time to re-apply them, you’ll need to engage him very carefully. Some characters can handle him without the buffs, but not all.

It can help to just pop an aether cluster as soon as he initiates his SS so he can’t one-shot you then try to burst him down before the cluster wears off. Another option is to use invulnerability skills like blade barrier or mirror of ereoctes to endure the initial assault, but be sure you don’t trigger them until he’s fired his buff-stripper or you’ll lose your invulnerability.

In short, you need to not die in the first 3 seconds. He has no staying power, but huge burst potential.

Pretty much, yeah.

Also he doesn´t have many spawnpoints I think, maybe learn where he is, that might help, because as far as I know he mostly “hides” in bigger groups, so you trigger a big group and then he engages you.

Bastard. :cool:

Use Aether cluster on pot CD.

Wasn’t he tied to one single spawn point in plains of strife before leaving early access? Best strategy used to be to not approach that single spawn point in plains of strife if unsure.

South-eastern corner, right?

Can’t say i have encountered him anywhere else in a while.

Loxmere is easy as heck. Avoid him and you win.

I always use defensive skills (if I have them and I am playing a squishy character) right when I see him “teleporting” to me. If my skill is short in duration (example, Mirror of Ereoctes) I wait till he almost reaches me (some people can’t crack the math of teleport skills when the enemy uses one, therefore it’ll be harder for them) and then cast the skill. If you have no defensive skills (because you play… uh… idk, something weak in defense) you can always use an Aether Cluster to mitigate 75% of his damage.

If you suck at timing skills, you should visit a monster that has a Shadow Strike or Blitz skill (with a tankier character that doesn’t die or just dies after ten years of receiving damage) and keep on timing a random skill till you learn the timing.

Another idea is to (if you can) use a Blitz/Shadow Strike on Loxmere right at the same time when he uses his (or before he does) and you’ll stop his jump but your will still go through. It’s easily possible with Alkamos’ weapon or Chaos Strike, you can use another weapon slot for that. Right when you jump on him you use your defensive skill to make Lox lose all his damage he does.

Loxmere isn’t actually that hard to kill if you have a strategy, but one wrong move and you’re done. So basically he’s easy but he’s hard. :smiley:

That’s ok if you are able to isolate him and spot him early. I suppose that is entirely possible with very careful play.

because as far as I know he mostly “hides” in bigger groups, so you trigger a big group and then he engages you.

Last time he surprised me, I was preoccupied with 2-3 titans and wasn’t scanning the screen. (Also with controller, it’s not too easy to quickly scan around for names…but the hero stars are fairly obvious, though)

Don’t need to isolate him or anything like that. Once you are there and he sees you, he will come after you.

That doesn´t sound retarded at all.

To ben honest all the comments here seems not to understand how loxmere work. Loxmere has an energy drain/mana burn attack and is that thing that probably one shouted you because you were a caster so you had a way higher mana pool than a melee character. You just need energy leech/mana burn resist (i think the should shard component for ring an amulets gives 20% each). Next time go with high energy leech resist and you will brobably notice of loxmer after you killed him already.

Ps: been playing hardcore for years and I lost a toon on loxmere ultimate b31 before ultimate was tuned down and loxmer could spawn anywhere in act 4. After that I always try to cap energy leech resists