Loyalist upgrade - just an idea...

I just bought it as this game is pure awesome :smiley:

But it is not mind blowing :o

I don’t know if it’s been discussed earlier but i think it would be a good idea to introduce class specific gear /equipment, weapon/ just to be able to get deeper into the lore behind each toon and this whole role playing thing…

Like, for example, a stylish hat and a jacket for the occultist, something that would really make him / her stand out a mile…

I am currently rolling a DEE Occultist and I really struggle with her visual aspect sometimes :cool: I would really like to dress her up a lil, just like my Pysical Forcewave 2H barb…this barb could use some leather armour…or really heavy plate armour…

Anyway, as complaing as I might be /or sound/, I still think this is one hell of the game and I would buy the loyalist pack even if it was empty :stuck_out_tongue:


The expansion will have the Illusionist system where you can change the appearance of an item with another item.

More info here Jacko.


We can change the appearance of our toon later.
Transmog :wink:

buy the loyalist edition you won’t regret it :slight_smile: