Lua /Conversation function to remove all buff from a player

Is there a LUA function or a conversation option to remove all buffs from a player.
I I maker the player talk to a neutral NPC and make him cast nullification it doesn’t remove all buffs.
Of course I can summon a hostile monster thath will then cast the spell and make the monster die (it’s only purpose would be to dispel the player).
But I would prefer a more simple solution if possible.
Can we, for example, accelerate the time to make the buffs end ?

Why not use a totem or a trap?

Thank you rorschachrev !
I summoned directly at player feet, with a LUA script a trap_mineexplosive_a01.dbr modified with a nullification skill on death and invisible state.

It’s perfect : does exacly what I wanted !

Also can player resist dispellable effects ?
If yes I will need to make a -100% skill disruption protection on initila skill. But I don’t know if skill disruption protects also against skill dispel effect.

I don’t think there is something to resist dispel/nullification, especially since it seems to work on bosses.

There is a property for buffs called “notDispelable” which prevents removing a buff when set to true but this property is only used for a very few amount of skills.

Yes in fact I want to dispel the buffs made by my mod under certain circumstances otherwise the system could be abused, that’s why I need to make my buffs dispelable.