Lurker signing in


Been lurking around these parts for the last couple of months. I finally bought the game (or well, alpha) last week, and have been playing non-stop since. Titan Quest was/is one of my favourite games of all time, probably my top ARPG… even though it hurts to put D2 second. D2 was quite old when I got into gaming, and with TQ being my first ARPG, I never could enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to.

Anyways, I’ve got a couple of hundred hours playing TQ, and as this game is so similar (yay!) I thought I might take some time actually contributing to discussions etc here on the forum. I absolutely love the fact that the devs are listening and posting frequently, that any comments I have might not fall on deaf ears.

I’m going to cut this short before it turns into an essay. Hey everyone!

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game so far. Act 2 should be coming out in a week or two (with luck) and hopefully crafting will come some time after that followed by multiplayer (release dates of either isn’t known).

If you have any questions or need any info just search the forums or start a new thread :slight_smile:

Oh and there will be a stream of Act 2 this Wednesday:

Thanks! As I mentioned, I’ve been sniffing around here for the last couple of months, so I feel I’m up to date in most regards. Really looking forward to the livestream and to test out Act 2 for myself. With my favourite characters already at lvl 25, farming feels almost pointless at the moment. In the meantime I’m trying out various builds to make the time flow.

Welcome to the forum Strills. I’m a big TQ fan too and, like you, found it long before I ever tried D2 and much prefer TQ. Frankly the miniscule inventory in D2 drives me mad. Get a few charms and some potions and the darn thing is filled up to the brim. Means you’re very quickly reduced to just picking up gold and nothing else because you simply have no room. TQ and now GD are much more my type of game. Between them, they’re pretty much my perfect gaming heaven. :smiley:

Glad to see another Lurker step out of the shadows.

I have never really been able to get into TQ, even though I have installed it and started to play a couple of times over the last 3 years. Grim Dawn however is completely another story. My Steam account says I have clocked over 1600 hours in the alpha/beta so far :rolleyes: and the game is only getting better and better…

Hope you get a couple of hundred hours in and still find the game is enjoyable.

The dev involvement with the alpha community is pretty cool here. Despite what some wankers may say on other sites, I can assure you that they have a strong vision of how they want the game to be, but this does not exclude them from considering other useful feedback. This is a very level headed approach, and I believe it will yield the best results for the game.

Welcome to the forum ! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to your contributions, every little bit helps!!