MA and ZT coupled with Fire Strike

Am I correct in saying that taking Soldier’s Markovian Advantage and/or Zolhan’s Technique is not helpful with ranged Fire Strike?

They will work with ranged firestrike, other than the multiple targets part on Zolhan’s technique.

Yeah, I figured they’d work, but I guess I was trying to gauge if they’d add anything to the build because they focus on phys/internal dmg.

They have %WD, they activate for free. Test them and see if you need them otherwise refund the points

Markovian’s is always 100% WD, so that part is the same as a normal attack. Zolhan’s needs lvl 4+ so it’s more than 100% (doesn’t improve as much though).

One of the things I miss from WoW were some of the add-ons that would display a message over your toon with procs went off. :undecided:

Ranged Fire Comando usualy lack points to spend for MA/ZT . I mean if youre using fire dmg as base you want Brimstone. You also want both Temper/Demon fire maxed and flashbang and blastshield and some points in VF and -%fire from mine.
As for Soldier you absolutely want to max MC, FC and keep Olreon rage at 12/12. Ooops, no more points to spend even for one-pointers.