Macros in the game

Add to the game full support for macros.

This can be done by assigning to the hot button not one skill but a sequence of several skills.

First, when the button is clicked, the first skill is applied. If the first skill is in recharge, then the second skill is automatically applied. If the second skill is in recharge, then the third skill is automatically applied.
In total, up to 5 skills can be set in the sequence.

It will look something like this, only without constant cries: “This skill is not ready”

An extraneous program is used here. For the right mouse button, a sequence of 4 jumps is assigned.

my laziness and the innate complexity of some of my builds both agree to this

I mean no offense, really, but once a wise man whose name i forgot (or didn’t memorize at all to begin with) said:

“If you don’t like hitting buttons, video games are nor for you”.

What program you used?

I do find it nifty when games do have a built in macro system. WoW for example, has one and uses Lua to code. Of course, I use Logitech’s Game Software to write lua scripts for games that don’t. It’s usually not as friendly as the in game types to use.