Made it! Dual-wielding Saboteur

Made this character a while back but kept playing every now and then. Eventually I found my way into Ultimate and managed to beat Log at the end, which was rather tough to do. Died a total of seven times, of which three or four were in the cruicible, but surprisingly managed to do a clean run through ultimate.

I tried it without guides (apart from one or two hints/advice here on the forums) and it worked pretty well. The major damage output comes from the high attack speed and the procs of Amarasta’s Quick Cut combined with Fire Strike. Was mostly using Shadow Strike for mobility and well, the rest is sort of self-explanatory. Damage, sustain, you name it.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with how it turned out against the end boss, but am pretty sure that I’d get more or less destroyed in the three challenge dungeons, as well as the additional challenges like the mad queen. My item build has still quite a few holes that needs fixing as I had to rely on some resistance potions against log as well as health potions. Apart from that, I tried to balance out my devotions equally somewhere between offense and defense. So yeah, that’s it.

Cheers for reading!

Hmm… mmm… congrats?

Thanks! What do you think of the character in general? It’s my first with which I’ve gotten to level 85, so I may or may not have made some mistakes in my build regarding devotions and how to spend my skill points (?).

In general it’s nice character.
No, really, if i began to start remember my fist character who beat ultimate - he was (several times, actually) worse that your char.

Surelly your build far away from best sabo build (you can take the execution of a branch in the nightblade, and a ring of steel with a circle of slaughter, and so on), but it’s perfect for fist time (I’m actually very impressed with the layout of devotions, if this is all you came up with yourself, without tips and guides is worthy of respect)

All “mistakes” in any build can only be fixed by getting more +skills from gear, so if you don’t have it, then nothing to fix.
Your build is close to however, so might worth to check out.

I was thinking about putting more points into Nightblade mastery to get there, but I thought I’d not have sufficient points in my skills then and as such my damage and survivability would suffer. But I might try it out just for the hell of it. :smiley:

And well, it took me a lot of time to think about the devotions and which would go well with my character’s skills. That occasionally led me to the forums to search for a hint and things alike.

Thanks for the link! Will give it a read.