Mage weapons

As someone who prefers to play more magical/ranged characters in games such as Grim Dawn, is there any potential to having mage-like weapons, such as wands, added to the game? An easy way to keep wands balanced from being over-used or over-powering would be to have their attacks only deal elemental damage without any additional physical or piercing effects, or even make them unable to Dual-wield with the Inquisitor class attack abilities. While no class would have any attack passives to boost wand effectiveness, they would certainly help more Spirit-focused builds or characters deal with opponents. As to animations, you could mimic the wrist flicking some spell abilities use for the attack. Just as a mere thought as i know Crate has other focuses than just Grim Dawn to deal with, it would be fun to be able to play more like a mage than having to sort of multi-class the idea with taking guns or melee weapons and add extra points to physique or cunning to wield a weapon for basic attacks.

Just like there will never be bows in the game there will likewise never be wands or staffs - this is a very conscious decision by Crate (going back many, many years now) not to be locked into the “tropes” you are accustomed to from other games.


Yeah no wands but you can totally use cool nerdy scepter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Especially Trozan hat and weapon are screaming mage…

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Indeed… and don’t forget you can mimic the “look” with Loyalist Pack 2 -

- which is as close as you’re going to get.


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Funny, I thought we had some items in the game that were wands. :thinking: Okay, technically they’re labelled as scepters, but …

As powbam said this was a decision made very, very early in development by Medierra so will not be changed now.

See the quotes from big M in this post for his explanation on why GD will never have staves.


Hmm would be nice if there is a 2handed mace designed as a wand for caster. Remember we have dual shields(Z fulfilled your wish) too lol.

Just get Loyalist Pack 2 for the Wizard sets that powbam showed. They’re illusions and can be applied to any suitable weapon.

Except that it can only be applied to off-hands.

we already have books, effigies, magical daggers, magical scepter, magical 2HANDED scepter (malmouth aetherial mages have them), orbs, weird wraithy thingy.

basically, grim dawn already offer mages more weapon variety than staff & wands.