Major Loot Problem in Groups while Farming Mats and Specific Boss Drops

Hey Crate Entertainment Team and Forum Users,

I got a huge Problem with the Loot when Playing in a Group. The Design of how the Lootsystem works ist strange.

I am playing with a friend and we got a Problem with the following things. We where Farming the Wendigo Bosses for the Medals and some Materials for Crafting.
The Problem here is that it isn’t possible to get the dropped Items for both of us.

The Wendigos are just dropping the Items for one of us and that keeps changing. Sometimes for him and sometimes for me. It isn’t possible to get the Item dropped for both Players in the same Session.

Better example are the Aether Crysstals with 100% guaranted Drop Chance. If you destroy a Crystal the Item regulary Drops. But if you are playing with 2 Players the Item will only Drop for one Person, and the other one won’t see it.

We switched now to 2 Solo Sessions because it is way faster and more effictive to farm. And just Trade the Items later.

That is a huge Problem for playing as a Group and farm Items. If you dont play just SR and CR with a friend.

Would be more fun to change the Group Play with Non-Shared Loot and every Player in the Lobby is getting the Item. It is than like 2 Solo Sessions. But more fun…

Would be cool if you could implement this and make the Game even better.

Thank you !

Best Regards


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