Make Boars Optional or Prevent them from Spawing in Fenced Areas

I’ve play for over 1400 hours, and so far, my only gripe with the game it’s boar spawning. I believe I’ve stated my dislike before but since the game is approaching release, I’ll make a last attempt
When I can, I build a fence around a boar’s spawning point in a zone in which I want to build, or put crops, even if it mess up the layout
However, the most annoying issue is, sometimes the boars actually move away but then they start spawning inside a perfectly fenced area, like my forester camps which are big because I like to use them as mini-settlements
I’ll be more than happy to deals with more wolves, or roaming bears in exchange of not having boars at all, although, preventing the boars for spawing inside a fenced area, would be equally good, if not better

I do kind of like the challenge of the boar spawning. I put a tower and hunter near the spawn point and regularly get a boar spawn of good meat. Sometimes I put two hunters and two towers if enough spawns.

True but for some players this can be very unimmersive. How can a boar spawn into a fenced area from the void? Hence the issue.

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Thank but although farming the boars is the usual solution, I don’t want to spend resources doing something I don’t need, or want
But that’s not my only problem, the boars attack the villagers doing routine maitenance of the fences or buildings nearby, and since the villagers would go anyway, they end up killed which lead to other villagers going for such maitenance or to retrieve the bodies, and the cycle repeats

That exactly my issue!
If I remove wolves dens or even riders camps, they do not magically respawn inside the city

I’ve changed my mind on this issue. I also believe they should be removable…

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Would be nice if they just respawned somewhere else on map if removed.

Did you read the State of Early Access #6?