Make DoT numbers from pets, visible

I know the devs didn’t want to end up cluttering the screen with numbers, but give us atleast an option to see stuff like this?

I remember asking if there was some place where I could see detailed pet stats like the exact number of OA/DA/atk.spd, etc instead of just the bonus%. And was saddened that there wasn’t :frowning:

And now, I have a bleed based pet build with no way of seeing how much damage the ticks are doing (looking at you, Rend).

So, hope someone from the dev ream reads and considers it atleast.

Is this option available for GrimInternals? If not, you should probably ask GG to see if he can make it happen.

There a summary of total pet DPS but you can’t see the particular numbers in game. Still good for testing total output of each dmg type on a dummy.

I’m going to quote myself
“if you don’t like the number display you can turn it off in options. I just prefer to see the damage enemies are taking like when you cast Ravenous Earth or another AoE skill.”

I see no legitimate reason for not displaying pet DoT effects. Number clutter is a lame excuse as you have the option to remove it.