Make Iron bars sellable to any merchant?

I was happy to see that there’s finally a feature in the game whereby gold can be transferred between alts on my account, but the limiting factor at the moment is that my low level mules can’t access the new area yet to re-sell the iron bars to that special conversion merchant. I want to buy extra stash space on my mules, so it would be great if we could either sell the iron bars to any merchant, or just remove the ‘beat-warden-king’ stipulation on the new area.

It’s not possible. Vendors have an inherent buy back rate.

If we could do that, wouldn’t have needed to come up with that NPC to begin with.

You don’t have to beat Warden on your mules. Give them a difficulty unlock merit and that character will have access to all riftgates on Normal and Elite. You can warp to the Conclave right away at level 1 and exchange your iron.

Another alternative would be the introduce the same NPC in other places like some of the other towns or the Crucible.

Good point. I’d also be happy to see an alternative solution like that.

Though I’m no developer, that sounds like a pretty doable solution. Instead of one unique NPC, make it a merchant category like Smuggler/Illusionist/Spirit Guide. It could be called “Iron Bars Merchant” or some such. Put one in the main town areas, but if nothing else at least put one in Devil’s Crossing.