Make it easier to identify HC chars

When in Menu i pick my characters nowhere write is this character hardcore or nt. If you have many characters and same type for hardcore and soft it will be diff to connect to eachone then log off because you dont know if it is hardcore

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Your hardcore chars have a golden aura in the main menu screen. But yes, to see that you need to select them. The list alone does not tell you what kind of char it is.

Edit: This aura can be a bit faint, if you play on low graphics settings - especially with the Forgotten Gods background. It is actually displayed in your character list in the multiplayer lobby.

Thanks. it’s not intuitive but yes i didnt see that aura. Why not add a word " hardcore" in left corner like in game, or some icon in list. Think it is not comlicated.

Or you could add HC at the end of a hardcore character’s name when you create it so you know it’s hardcore.

That’s what I do, but it would be nice if HC char names were displayed in red or another color.

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