Make it so that Chthonic kills give +Black Legion reputation

Right now it seems the only kills that give + to BL are Outcast kills. This is kind of strange given how the BL is campaigning against the Cult of Ch’thon (and the Aetherials too, but more so the Cult in the game). If you, for whatever reason, don’t want to kill the Outcast, you’re stuck farming bounties for BL to raise rep. Farming bounties is agonizingly slow at times. Can we get this change put in? Can’t imagine it would be too difficult a thing to do.

I guess that Crate will give more options for farming Black Legion reputation in the expansion; it’s pretty obvious that the Black Legion stands out as the worst faction to farm reputation for, and as this is so obvious I can only conclude that Crate has a plan.
If they had wanted to make BL reputation more easily farmable, they would have done so, and I don’t think that they will simply change how BL reputation is aquired.
I think that they will rather stick to the plan that they hopefully have.

I’d rather that Black Legion bounties are more challenging with killing groups of heroes (like 2-4 of them in a group) which would then give a lot more reputation.

Ch’thonic kills to me is less interesting.

Right now I’d take just about anything to alleviate the tedium of BL bounty hunting. Bounties in general need a once-over by Crate, I think.