Make "on enemy death" procs, actually proc on enemy death

The player needs to score the kill atm to activate such procs. Why not make them activate on enemy death regardless of how they die?

Unless there is an engine limitation or something else.

I imagine the problem is that the different factions don’t only fight the player, but also the player. So there can be a lot of enemy deaths that are totally unrelated to the player’s actions. And it wouldn’t make sense to be rewarded with a proc for that.

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Hm… I guess that might be a problem.

I was more thinking along the lines of pet builds. Both pure and hybrid. Maybe make pet kills also count?

Seems very logical but…

Pet builds need no buffs whatsoever. They already win every contest. I’d redesign Bonescavenger gloves entirely to serve cold/vitality necro casters (player scaling pets and different skill bonuses). As for Black Scourge, I’d remove the proc completely as it serves no practical purpose or change it “5% on attack” but halve pet attack speed or oa.

Pure pet builds don’t need buffs, sure. But they could use more variety interms of items.

Hybrid builds would also benefit and they for sure could use a buff. Unless the Devs have given up on it.

I haven’t tested how such procs work with player scaled pets, but if they are in a similar state then it might be a QoL improvement?

Making “on death” proc on pet kills too would only empower true pets. Hybrids in theory should be good as is. They aren’t but for different reasons: 1) not enough points to invest both in pets and casts, 2) whole devo map and pet gear design stands against such hybrid concepts.

Imo hybrid pets is a lost cause. It never worked and never will. The only viable way to provide casters with companionship is through player scaling pets.

I know it’s too late to implement such a mechanic but I think gear mods that change the scaling on pets from player to pet and vice versa would have been a cool feature in FG.

If we are treating hybrids as a lost cause, I guess the procs can be nerfed and allowed to proc on pet kills or on hit? Would allow for more item variety and that is never a bad thing.

And yeah, changing the scaling from pet/player would have been nice.

Personally I think was thinking that all pets should scale to the player bonus, and true pet gears would add additional pet bonus and skill modifiers to pet skills. I think this would make hybrid viable, and pure pet builds still very strong. But yeah, needs a lot of rebalancing and extra work, too late now. I agree with you that hybrid is a lost cause.