Make Player Rankings

Cool game GD, I liked) a great potential! But in a game lacks! This spirit sopernechistva. That is now the game is more sharpened in the single mode is great, but they are in fact just for fun, and you can not take them seriously. First of all it is necessary to isolate the fashion of the original game. Make the characters from the original and modes separately. Characters from the original must be kept on the official server and should not be subject to change through fashion. Let’s just say, do online characters. Make the rating table, where players from the official server, these players can face off the power. And why not mods that all were equal. Rating can be done on the basis of the highest level, to come up with some kind of dungeon or waves of enemies with the bosses, and who will stuff more than waves or close the level of the dungeon, and the steeper rated. You can break even on the table classes. Then the players will have even more to study all classes and earn items to create the perfect character for the rating. And developers need to make updates to the new items and skills, classes and do the balance. Then the players will always be able to improve your hero. But fashion is more. With them than not to brag. At the present time, online games, the rating is an integral part of the game. Because in fact the game is not something to do after passing. And fashion, so for fun or self-gratification.

Dear, better type it in russian. Translators just make it worse.

GD is designed as a single player non-competitive game. There are no dedicated servers as well. No anti-cheat system.

I catch your sentiments, but for variety of reasons game’s impossible to get changed in this aspect. Nor there’s a will.

Hell no, go play D3 or something else that offers it. No need to add any of this to GD, expensive to add, yet offers very little in return.

Completely and utterly pointless and adds nothing to the game.

Grim Dawn is a non competitive single player game for starters. Also, why do every game these days need player rankings or leaderboards? I’m really getting tired of developers trying to shove online aspects into every game.