Making a Warder focused on health regen/tanking

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Hey, I am by no means expert but I do have a couple of warders at level 100.

A few random thoughts, by no means comprehensive:

  • You have too much armor absorption. Change some of those components to armor% instead.
  • You’re saying it’s focused on defense but you’re using a set that has OA bonuses (and largely useless health regen). I think you’d be much better off with something like Markovian.
  • Krieg’s boots? :stuck_out_tongue: Craft a few dozen Stoneplate boots with Algrim, I bet you’re going to get something way better.
  • You can probably find better pants too if you’re going to focus on defense. Guardian of Solael is reasonably easy to farm and the item is decent - it can be amazing with the right affixes.
  • No wendigo totem?? It’s the best skill a defensive warder can get from the Shaman line, especially given your high health. Max it! Overcap it! Don’t get the add-on.
  • Your devotions could use some work. IDK about Tree of Life. I think Menhir’s Obelisk would be way better for you.

Thoughts on devotions:

If you lose Tree of Life, you can get Menhir’s Obelisk instead (don’t get the retaliation point on the right). If you then lose Scythe (which is OK but I guess you primarily had it for Tree) you can get Shieldmaiden or Solemn Watcher instead.

Ok last comment before you respond I promise.

Do you feel like the 2.3k/sec health regen is working for you? I made a health regen character in Titan Quest (a similar but also quite different game from some of the same devs) that reached 3.5k/sec with capped resists. That was enough to facetank everything and made for a fun playthrough but the gear was extremely hard to get (specific affixes on specific MIs) and damage was basically just reflection. Given that it’s not possible to reach that level of regeneration in Grim Dawn, and incoming damage seems way higher here, I kind of have to question the concept itself. You can get health from other sources much more easily. As an example, Wendigo Totem alone will give you 1500 health/sec (assuming 20k health on your side). A measly 3% of ADctH will give you 600/sec given a lowish 20k DPS.

It seems you’ve chosen most of your stuff based on passive regen - which in turn gimps your resists (your aether is very low) and gimps your damage, and I think the regen is still not enough to just stand around and laugh in a boss’ face.

It’s a super fun concept and I wish you luck with it, but IMO it’s not possible to get this to work in Grim Dawn.

It makes me sad that health regen isn’t enough to get past how mediocre the rest of the build is since I’ve been trying to build this for a while now but oh well; if you think that that’s not enough then I believe you. What should I try instead to be a better facetank/support character? I’ve been playing for a while but in terms of build I’m still relatively new to a lot of the common knowledge that comes with making characters in this game, plus I haven’t played TitanQuest before.

You should definitely max Wendigo Totem, it heals large amounts like your passive reg but only costs you a dozen skill points instead of all those items.

Regen builds can work but you need your basic defenses to be up to par as well (capped resists for one).
Add some other layers of sustainability such as leech with decent damage output, and your char will be effectively immortal.

I’m not experienced enough to tell you with certainty that it’s not possible; but from what I’ve seen so far it seems way harder to pull off than it was in TQ and it wasn’t exactly easy in that game either.

For other defense-oriented builds (many of them warders) look around on the forums.

This thread is about an iconic (IMO) build that’s sadly very outdated but the basic concept is sound. I built a warder based around it in Hardcore and was able to waltz through everything without ever being in danger. Just don’t expect to kill ranged enemies, summoners or casters with it:

Another warder that seems very strong and can also deal damage. It’s also pretty up to date:

A battlemage inspired by the OG retaliation warder; this one requires a lot more active playstyle however:

A tactician that looks extremely tough:

And my own humble warder (my first character ever) - it can facetank the pre-AoM nemesis bosses and can kite the others with an acceptable amount of IT DoT damage:

I would say it’s not very dependent on gear but the Markovian set and its bonuses help a lot for sure.

Btw, there’s a thread for that. :wink:

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While I think regen works fine in vanilla, it isn’t the best way to go if tankiness is what you’re LF.

Regen needs an update imo

*Regen needs a complete rework, imo.

Falling behind heavily other defensive mechanics in Ultimate shouldn’t be allowed.

I offer to make a regen cap at 3890.

What you mean cap?:slight_smile: A minimum?

3.8K regen is nothing in crucible with avenger

Maximum :slight_smile:

Ok, nevermind the pointlessness (no offense) of having a hp regen of 3890.

But why the specific value of 3890?

In fact, why even have a cap for regen?

IMO, the best defense is this game is to avoid taking damage in the first place.

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I guess here’s an updated foundation for the build? I’m still unsure with the unchosen items (or even the legs) but the devotion is better now, I guess.