Making shrines fighting ones

Hey guys! I am modding a mod here. Diablo 3 mod actully which contains Demon hunter and Witch Doc. Problem now is that I cannot find assets/resources/shrines -place anywhere.

Can anyone help me to find the right place? I pretty much know how to change the Shrines then but the location is lost.


In records/interactive, change all devotionshrine***.dbr files such that…

  • normalMonsterSpawn, epicMonsterSpawn, LegendaryMonsterSpawn contain references to the .dbr files of the proxies you want to spawn on each difficulty.
  • If you don’t want them to require items, remove any normal/Epic/LegendaryOffering1/2/3 references.
  • mesh is changed from level art/interactive/shrine_devotion_ruined01a.msh to level art/interactive/shrine_devotion_corrupted01a.msh
  • Add a reference to records/sounds/skillsounds/devotion/spak_devotionshrine_corrupt_activated.dbr in proxyActivateSound.

Hmm, there is not interactive directory under records. Can I make a new one there or is it hidden somehow?

If you don’t have it, create the directory and copy all the devotionshrine***.dbr files you intend to change from the main game into it, yes.

Great! Works now. Thanks :slight_smile: