Male character model issues and Fix (Screenshot Comparison)

As you can see in SS that male model have some weird unnatural asymmetry. On right side i made some basic edit on how it should look like imo. Female model seems fine.

I can’t be the only one who care about aesthetics. Save the male, save the butt, Crate fix pls.

Thanks for your attention.


I can help with selecting exercises for correcting this type of scoliosis.


Our dude character needs exercises like that unless he want to have a real bad time in retirement due to bad postures


Let me break the news to you: perfect symmetry is unnatural.

I think Crate owes me money for using my likeness in-game - his back and neck looks as fucked up as my own! :laughing:


Thank you, i can think of that. But the asymmetry here is not natural and definitely looks like something broke up on modeling/animating process. Also female model is symmetric

In most cases models like this are made with mirroring in mind, that way you only have to make one half of the model, so half the amount of work. So I guess this one is broken? Or maybe it’s rigged that way…

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I think that after being almost hanged to death it should be quite possible to get minor spine injury !


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