Malmouth release time

When will the expansion go live tomorrow?
cant find any info about it

30 more hours…

okay thanks!
so about 18.00 where i live then, perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

quoting Zantai:

something about that dosnt add upp,
according to this 1PM would be 7pm here, but according to the count down it would be 6pm
edit; nvm lol, i didnt count the minutes on the count down

The game will be released 1 PM EDT. Currently the east coast of the US is UTC-4.

I was looking for this. Thanks.

Ah, bummer. I have time tomorrow, but not in the evening :frowning: . Thursday it will be then …

Anybody any idea if the release on GOG is going to happen at the same time, or will it be delayed?

15 Hours to go here… Perfect. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Didn’t look very hard then. :wink: This thread is in this part of the forum.

in spain is a 10.00 pm ;(

it’s about 8pm on where am at… still enough time hopefully to install and try for few hours… deym bros only 28 hours more to wait, but why does the waiting feel so long

No, it’s not. It will be 7pm. I’m in the same time zone as you and when Grava/Zantai stream on Fridays at 2pm EDT my local time is 8pm. Move the times forward 1 hour and you get 1pm EDT and 7pm our time. :slight_smile:

I’m in italy and it’s 19:00 here , in spain is the same or maybe some weird aetherial distortion fucked up with time flux ?

Spain (not including Las Palmas) and Italy are in the same time zone (UTC+2 or CEST), according to this web site:


Sounds like a Human who doesn’t know their time zones. :wink: :smiley:

I find the aetherial distortion the easier explanation, do you know the Occam’s razor?

Well, I agree with an easier explanation, Humans make things overly complex. LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thanxs for the aclaration

They should have added a countdown clock on the main page or forum below the game title, makes things exciting